General Bookkeeping Services

General Bookkeeping Services

Below is a list of General Bookkeeping Services we are offering, with short explanation of and benefits of each.

•Accounts Receivable Management

We process invoices, handle cash receipts, prepare and mail weekly or monthly statements and provide you with monthly aging reports. We reconcile your accounts receivable each month. We can also act on your behalf to collect on past due receivables.

•Accounts Payable

In addition to prioritizing your payables and providing aging reports, we can handle entire process of posting and paying bills (electronically or with printed checks.) To make sure all your payments are processed and received correctly we can reconcile Vendor accounts for you on the regular bases.

•Bank Credit cards and other Balance sheet accounts reconciliations

All your bank and credit card statements are reconciled monthly or as frequently as your business requires. If you have Internet features with any of your accounts, we save you time by downloading them directly into your accounting system before reconciliation. We can also help with implementation and management of Merchant Services account helping you to expand the scope of your business.

•Month end / Year end closing

In addition to reconciling your accounts payable and accounts receivable each month, we reconcile your other balance sheet accounts, and review the income and expense accounts for accuracy. We provide any adjusting and recurring journal entries on your request (e.g. Accruals, Deferrals, Depreciation etc.)

•Inventory control and Fixed Assets management

Regardless of your Method of Inventory Management that you use (Perpetual or Periodic) we can accurately maintain your Inventory Assets account, track or calculate Cost of Goods Sold( COGS) and arrive with correct Net Income for your business. We also assist you with periodic Physical Inventory Control. In addition we will produce depreciation schedules for your Fixed assets and make necessary adjustments.

•Job Costing

If your business the most careful attention to Job Cost calculation and tracking, we provide you with our professional skills and expertise

•Payroll processing (in-house or assisted)

We can take over payroll processing, either entirely or assisted by 3dr party, take care of Check printing, calculating employee deductions, filing all Payroll Tax Forms. On your request we can print W2 and 1099 forms at the year end

•Sales tax filing

If your business requires to file Sales tax, we do it for you

•Financial Statements and Customized Financial reports

We provide financial statements and management reports customized to your needs. Do you want previous year comparison statements, or current period and year to date comparisons? Do you wish to track your cash availability on the daily/weekly bases? Tell us what bookkeeping reports you need, and we design them to your specifications.

•Reports for Tax professionals

At the year end we will take care of preparing any reports required by your Tax preparer, and provide all supporting data for those reports.


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"Our previous bookkeeper dropped off the earth and we called Camarillo Bookkeeper Pros. They helped us rebuild the entire year's worth of bookeeping from scratch, and got it done in a week! Thanks guys!

Bob & Sarah H. Camarillo, CA
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