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Question: What accounting software do you use?

Answer: The majority of our clients’ accounts are done in QuickBooks. However, if you are currently using a different accounting program, please call us. We will likely be able to accommodate you.

Question: Can you work on portions of our business records?

Answer: Yes. Sometimes our clients need us to simply reconcile their bank and credit card accounts, rather than taking complete control of their accounting program.

Question: As a new client, how often would I need to use your bookkeeping services?

Answer: This depends upon you and the size of your company. Ideally, daily downloading or data entry of bank and credit card statements is a healthy start in keeping track of your finances. This type of structured procedure establishes up-to-date information and prevents lost paperwork, especially if your business generates daily multiple transactions.

Question: What area do you serve?

Answer: We currently serve West Ventura County.

Question: How Much Do You Charge?

Answer: $50.00 per hour.

This charge includes setting up your account, if necessary, and the day-to-day financial transactions such as the following:

  • Data entry to your credit card and bank account registries
  • Generating your customer invoices
  • Paying your bills
  • Matching your receipts to your bank statements for your Tax Return back-up
  • Reconciling your accounts to ensure accuracy

Question: Do you offer Secure Remote Accounting?

Answer: Yes, we offer Secure Remote Accounting for our clients.

Question: What is the advantage of Secure Remote Accounting?

Answer: Secure Remote Accounting provides our clients the convenience of online services that are faster and more accurate.

Question: Do you provide training for QuickBooks as well?

Answer: Yes. Our staff is available to assist you with any portion of your QuickBooks. Our hourly rate is $60.00 if you would like onsite training for you or for your staff.

Question: Are you licensed and bonded?

Answer: Yes

Question: Who are you affiliated with?

Answer: We are proud members of TEAM Camarillo Referral Network Chapter in Ventura County.

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Quickbooks Pro, Quickbooks, MAS 90, Quicken, and Peachtree

Something for you to think about…

QuickBooks is a wonderful accounting program for keeping your records accurate and up-to-date. But did you know that every business or private accounting program is set up differently?

There are various ways to customize your accounting program to fit your specific needs. This is where Team Accurate Business Systems can assist you the most!

We will help you set up your QuickBooks accounts so that you can utilize and manage them without any frustration. Call us today

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"Our previous bookkeeper dropped off the earth and we called Camarillo Bookkeeper Pros. They helped us rebuild the entire year's worth of bookeeping from scratch, and got it done in a week! Thanks guys!

Bob & Sarah H. Camarillo, CA
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